Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hatyai Trip

Hellloooooo guys IM BACK!! Back to blogging life. Submitted withdrawal application form to Raffles. Officially quitted. Time to slack & have fun :DD 

Accidentally found the old blog when I was trying to sign in the stupid google account >.< Looking back all those posts // feeling the spirit of blogging everything *daily lives* urged me to continue blogging, like again! :P

So this is about the recent place i traveled to --- Hatyai :*)) Approximately // less than 3 hours journey from Penang thats why penanglang always go there for foods and shopping! 

First day --->
We had our lunch at sizzler which located at the first floor of lee garden mall. Sizzler is well known of its salad buffet. & believe me they tasted so good and so worth that the cost of the salad is already included with the main course we ordered >.< 

I ordered a normal ice lemon tea and it came out with an extra glass to allow you to refill by yourself. This only happens in Thailand. :DDD

Tangyuan (glutinous rice balls) in ginger soup. 

Favorite place to go in thailand *just like what we did in taiwan* >>
7 ELEVEN = heaven
If only we had more cute stuffs like they do. 

MAMA tomyam flavour instant noodles ahhhh my favorite && LULU duck egg flavour ones!!! I bought one box (30 packs/box) for each from Makro :DD We are instant noodles family >.<

Bought the tiny lil make up remover. So convenient to bring it along during traveling.

Staying at New Season Hotel for 2 nights.

*I like it so much when i can see my eyelashes from the picture* :P 

Second day --->
|| breakfast @ asian hotel bcs of their yummy bak kut teh :)
This is mine I dont eat bak so.....

Had some desserts @ B's Sweet dessert shop. The store layout and ambience are really attracting *to people like me* but the desserts were under my expectation. :(

This is another desserts shop we visited --- Niqolo Cakeball Bakery. The cakeballs are so special and tasted really good. :D 

Favorite thing among the haul! Fancy 'unicorn' glasses :o)) Thought i can only get this from bangkok but i was so excited when i saw a store in lee garden mall selling them too :DD Bought some clothes too and it cost like 50myr for the 2-3 pieces, stuffs there are really cheap compared to msia.

 ***Wondering how can they survive with such low profit or just that we are the one got charged too high bcs of those taxes? 

♡♥♡♥ Bye! 

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